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If you have specific questions regarding the Kenosha Bradford High School Alumni Association, Inc. (KBHSAA) website, please send us an email using the form below.

If you don't see your class year listed on the Alumnus by Year tab, it is not because we forgot your year... we are sorry to report it is because no one from your graduating class has yet joined KBHSAA.   Join today and let your fellow classmates know why you chose to support KBHSAA with your paid membership.

The drop down menu for Class Reunions & Websites is a good source for information re: upcoming Class Reunions, as well as Reunion Planning Help/Hints.  Individual Class Websites are purchased and administered by a member of that graduating class.  Not all graduating classes have a website.  If you notice your Class Reunion or Class Website has not been posted on our website, please send us an email using the form below.

The KBHSAA publishes a biannual Newsletter, available online to paid alumnus.  This secure content is only available to those who have set up a profile, and one must be logged in to download the Newsletter.  If you haven't yet set up your profile, please visit the FIRST SITE VISIT? page for more information.  We recognize some alumni members do not own or use computers, and we are happy to send a printed copy of the Newsletter via USPS.  Let us know using the form below or send a postcard or letter to:  KBHSAA - Membership Secretary, P.O. Box 56, Kenosha, WI 53141.  The annual cost for printing and mailing the Newsletter is nearly $10 per address.  An annual donation of at least $5 to help defray the extra costs involved will be greatly appreciated. 

We watch for obituaries in the Kenosha News on a daily basis and post members' obituaries on our IN MEMORY page.  Unfortunately, we are limited to posting KBHSAA members only on our  due to limited megabytes available under our contract for website hosting.    

Thank you.

Please do not enter anything here. If you are blind and having problems filling out this form, please call 734-585-5605.