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Bounced Emails

Emails sent to the following Alumni Member have "bounced back" and are not able to be delivered as of 04/14/2021:

     •    Sandra Krusa-Gillespie (1964)

Here is the procedure for handling bounced emails:

  1. The Alumni Association will attempt to contact the alumnus (via phone or at a different email address, if available) to inform them his/her email address is bouncing.

  2. When the alumnus logs into the web site, a copy of the bounce notice is displayed.

  3. Alumnus has the opportunity to enter an updated email address. If current email address is valid classmate may opt to keep current email address.

  4. Alumnus must click the link provided to send a verification email (this is to be sure email is actually getting through now).

  5. Alumnus must receive the verification email and click the link inside. The bounce problem is now solved, and alumnus can receive emails from the site again.

Important: The alumnus must be involved in the solution. Until the alumnus clicks the link in the verification email, no further emails from the Alumni Association's web site can be sent.

Thanks in advance for updating your email address in your profile.