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Help us locate these missing KBHSAA Members

In mid-October 2020, we mailed out 454 Newsletters to those who've requested a printed copy (vs. reading the colorized on-line version).  USPS returned nearly 15 Newsletters as undeliverable. 

We've managed to find addresses for all but a handful, so we've added those names to the list of Missing Alumni Members.  Maybe you know a classmate who was a close friend and may still have contact info... or maybe if you are active on Facebook (I'm not), and you've seen that they are also, you could reach out to let them know we're looking for them.  

   Class Year / Name
   1977 Gary Christman
   1946 Robert E. Durbin
   1960 Judy Meyer (nee:  Falkenstern)
   1954 Paul Schutt
   1953 Ken Tenuta

Please reach out to me using the form at the bottom of the Contact Us page.  Thank you for your kind assistance!

Joyce Kopacz Sorensen '69
KBHSAA Membership Secretary