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Bradford Alumni Association Board of Directors



Members of the KBHSAA Board in attendance at the June 26, 2021 DAA Banquet & Silent Auction at the Kenosha Country Club, from left to right:  Randy Vaccaro, Alice Schwalbe, Adela Hessefort, Nancy Euteneier, Joyce Sorensen, Lee Arneson, Oliver Debe and Dennis Filippelli (not pictured:  Juanita Becker, Richard Gentz, Cheryl Hannah, Margaret Hannes, Lynn Kortright, Donna Mews, Dulcie Schoff, Michelle Serpe and Kathy Tenuta).
Photo by Heather Vaccaro

The business and affairs of the Kenosha Bradford High School Alumni Association, Inc. (KBHSAA) are managed by members of the Board of Directors.  Our Board members are all volunteers (no salary is paid to Board members). 


Officers as of July 1, 2022:
President:  Randy Vaccaro '73
Vice President:  Alice (Jackson) Schwalbe '60
Treasurer:  Dulcie (Dissmore) Schoff '80
Recording Secretary:  Adela (Lebron) Hessefort '74

Corresponding Secretary:  Lee (Doerring) Arneson '57
Membership Secretary:  Joyce (Kopacz) Sorensen '69
Past Co-Presidents:  Marge Hall '56 and Alice Schwalbe '60


Board of Directors 2022-2023:
Juanita (Jornt) Becker '58
Oliver Debe '09
Nancy (Perri) Euteneier '67
Dennis Filippelli '56
Richard Gentz '65
Cheryl (Pileski) Hannah '65

Margaret (Cantrell) Hannes '68
Lynn (Marchesini) Kortright '69
Debbie (Mink) Ruppa '73
Michelle Serpe '67
Kathleen (Ryan) Tenuta '69


Please reach out to us via the Contact Us page if you have questions for our small but dedicated group of volunteers.