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Close-Up: DAA Honorees



The Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) program was established in 1989 to honor outstanding individuals who attended or graduated from Kenosha High School/Mary D. Bradford High School.  That first year, 5 recipients were honored at the Annual Alumni Banquet in June.  This award represents people from many areas of society who have contributed significantly to their profession and are positive role models for Bradford High School students.

KBHSAA presents the DAA to selected individuals, honoring them at an annual event that's been renamed the DAA Banquet and Silent Auction.  Proceeds of the auction benefit the KBHSAA Scholarship Fund.  At this event, we also recognize those seniors selected to receive a KBHSAA Scholarship.  Each year, we look forward to hearing from those young adults about to begin their college careers and, at the other end of the spectrum, from our DAA honorees who share some very touching memories of their years at Bradford and beyond. 

In 2022, we completed a restoration project on the DAA plaques, which had been displayed in the hallway at Bradford's Auditorium Entrance.  In the afternoon, the sunlight streams through the windows at that location, and many of the photos had been become badly faded.  The DAA plaques are now on display in the hallway east of Bradford's Main Entrance, in new display cases hung at eye level. 

As a part of the restoration project, we have added a photo of each DAA honorees' plaque to our website!  To view a photo, simply click on the link for the specific DAA honoree's name and class year, and the photo will be displayed.  If you need to enlarge the image to view the honoree's bio, simply click on it and scroll as needed, left/right or up/down.  

(DAA plaque photos by Don Sebetic '73)



2024 (Photos of these DAA plaques are pending.)
Charles Aiello, Jr., Class of 1950
Wilson Shierk, Class of 1955
Gregory F. Dummer, Class of 1982

Tom Sorensen, PsyD, Class of 1961
Rita Storz Hagen, MSN, RN, Class of 1980

Charles H. "Chuck" Heide, Class of 1940
Susan M. Shemanske, Class of 1973
Mark Pocan, Class of 1982

John S. Gregory, Class of 1952
Michael H. Dean, Class of 1960

Eugene L. "Gene" Woroch, Ph.D., Class of 1940
Joanne "Jodi" Ritacca Carlini, Class of 1969

Robert V. "Bob" Ryan, Class of 1955
Louis Covelli, Class of 1973
Vincent I. Ruffolo, Class of 1973

Audrey A. Hains, Ph.D., Class of 1949
Dominic G. “Don” Spera, Class of 1950
Earlene Jornt-Girman, Class of 1952

Chester H. “Chet” Woroch, Class of 1936
William “Bill” Hart, Class of 1947
William R. “Bill” Serpe, Class of 1957

Paul A. Capelli, M.D., Class of 1949
Jerry Bain, Class of 1957
Keith Bosman, Class of 1967

Ralph J. Tenuta, Class of 1950
Dr. Kurt Sinclair, Class of 1983

Leo Chiappetta, Class of 1956
Robert W. Wirch, Class of 1961
Naheed Qureshi, Class of 1990

Dennis M. Filippelli, Class of 1956
John W. Anderson, Sr., Class of 1957
Carmelo D. Tenuta, Class of 1983

Lloyd John Ogilvie, Class of 1948
Ernie Pellegrino, M.D., Class of 1957
John Charles Wavro, Class of 1957
Dan Vaccaro, Class of 1969

William Perry, Class of 1941
Carmella Ciotti Huser, Class of 1957
Barbara Osborne, Class of 1978

Domenick Tirabassi, Jr., Class of 1953
Dr. Eugene Krause, Class of 1955
Robert J. Nicolazzi, Class of 1956

The Honorable Lowell A. Reed, Jr., Class of 1947
Alan Ameche, Class of 1951
Dr. Robert Krause, Class of 1952

Ione (Smith) Kreamer, Class of 1933
Mary (Hannenberg) Sauer, Class of 1949
Dr. Anthony Bisciglia, Class of 1956

Ronald Ruble, Class of 1954
Margaret McElwain Kemper, Class of 1956
The Honorable S. Michael Wilk, Class of 1957

Arcangelo "Congie" A. Romano, Class of 1945
John J. McEvoy, Class of 1954
Dr. Stephen G. Schmelling, Class of 1958
James J. Magnino, M.D., Class of 1966

Virginia Tenuta, Class of 1944
Ruth Höök Colby, Class of 1954
Peter W. Barca, Class of 1973

Edward Weston Baumann, Class of 1944
Dr. Constance K. Petersen Knop, Class of 1954
Cyril "Cy" Pontillo, Ph.D., Class of 1958
Frank Germinaro, Class of 1966

Milton Lapidus, Ph.D., Class of 1941
Howard E. Bauman, Ph.D., Class of 1942
Robert Carbone, Class of 1950
Gary W. “Bo” Braze, Class of 1953

Joseph "Joe" Greco, Class of 1953

Shirley Dorfman Schmerling, Class of 1940
William J. Huck, Class of 1942
Henry Bertholf “Spike” Robinson, Class of 1948
Rosalind G. "Guida" Brown, Class of 1983

Roger E. Axtell, Class of 1949
Michael P. Martino, Class of 1973
Valentine Lagodich Hoff, Class of 1974

Frank Gero (formerly Gerolmo), Class of 1947
John Cibrario, Class of 1958
Eddie Gene Bedford, Class of 1969
Steve Houghton, Class of 1972

Sr. Jeanne C. Lippert, Class of 1940
George F. Cudahy, Class of 1952
Thomas Oakland, Ph.D., Class of 1958
Stephen Lesavich, Class of 1977
Dennis Lesavich, Class of 1979

Richard C. Schneider, Class of 1947
Ruth I. Borg, Class of 1952
Robert F. Simons, Class of 1964
Craig J. Goodwin, Class of 1969

Nick M. Butera, Class of 1936
Kenneth Cherry, Class of 1960
Dan J. Chubrilo, Class of 1960
Jim Zaleski, Class of 1961

Harold A. Bastrup, Class of 1942
Cecile Gorski Lengacher, Class of 1960
Roger DeKok, Class of 1964
George W. Halldin, Class of 1967
Jeff Cesario, Class of 1971

David L. Phillips, Class of 1927
Richard E. Ellison, Class of 1935
Melvin H. Garb, Class of 1936
Patricia Exton Taylor, Class of 1940
Lynn Rasmussen Owen, Class of 1951
Kenneth B. Lemke, Class of 1964

Maclyn McCarty, Class of 1929
Emily Slamar Strahler, Class of 1944
Willis H. Schaefer, Class of 1947
William E. Scheckler, M.D., Class of 1956
Karen Ostlund, Ph.D., Class of 1961
The Honorable James L. Carlson, OFS, Class of 1962

No Recipients

Louis K. Brandt, Class of 1932
Matthew C. Andrea, D.D.S., Class of 1936
John N. Richards, M.D., Class of 1940
William J. White, Class of 1956

Mary D. Bradford
(Note:  Replacement photo of Mrs. Bradford for the plaque was provided by Kenosha County History Center.)

Zigmund Lebensohn, M.D., Class of 1926
Phil Sander, Class of 1926
Warren J. Taylor, Class of 1930
Helen Grabner Hoffman, Class of 1931
Richard M. Wellman, Class of 1936
Al Molinaro, Class of 1938
Raffaele Suriano, D.D.S., Class of 1939
Richard Trotta, Class of 1941
Judy Schmude, Ph.D., Class of 1957
Daniel J. Travanti, Class of 1958

Samuel Lepkovsky, Class of 1916
George Limpert, Class of 1933
Alfred S. DeSimone, Class of 1936
Joseph F. Andrea, Class of 1946
David A. Spera, Class of 1952