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Establishing a Scholarship through KBHSAA


Providing educational opportunities through private gifts has become a tradition for the Kenosha Bradford High School Alumni Association, Inc. (KBHSAA).  Our scholarships help Bradford High School seniors to achieve their academic goals. 

Donations to KBHSAA – varying from $5 and upwards, given as an honor, tribute or memorial to individuals – may be directed to the General Scholarship Fund or to funds reserved in support of a specific scholarship facilitated through KBHSAA. 

KBHSAA provides at least to two scholarships per year (sometimes more), funded by the combined donations to the General Scholarship Fund.  These are named KBHSAA, Inc. Scholarship(s).  At its September meeting, the Board of Directors votes to establish what amount will be awarded the following May, based upon donations received throughout the year and taking into account the proceeds of the annual Scholarship Fund Silent Auction.  The amount awarded may vary from year to year, and the scholarships awarded are non-renewable.


Scholarship(s) facilitated through KBHSAA

In establishing a specific scholarship, you join a distinguished community of benefactors from all walks of life who share a common desire to ensure Kenosha Bradford High School seniors can continue their education by assisting in their financial needs.

Donors are assisted by the KBHSAA Scholarship Chairperson to establish guidelines for a criteria-specific scholarship.   Based upon a donor’s request, such scholarship(s) may be a one-time scholarship or may be set up as an annual scholarship for a specific time frame.  The amount awarded is solely the decision of donor.  Donations to a specific scholarship are a designated amount to be awarded annually, if the scholarship is to be continued.  These scholarships are awarded as non-renewable.  

For more information, please download Establishing a Scholarship through KBHSAA.  

KBHSAA is a publicly supported tax-exempt organization under section 501{c}(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Donations are tax deductible.



If you have questions or need additional information, please contact:


Joyce Kopacz Sorensen

KBHSAA Scholarship Chairperson

Cell phone:  262-945-3806