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Need Your Help, Please

In mid-June 2016, we reached out to 1,380 KBHSAA members via a special mailing, asking for help with what we felt was an important project:  an update of our membership directory data, to be returned to us before July 15, 2016.  As a result of our project, we have identified the following KBHSAA members as "missing," and we would greatly appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide with regard to their whereabouts.

   Class Year / Name
   1977 Gary Christman
   1940 Jean Guthrie (nee:  Loewen)
   1958 Bill Lienau
   1943 Betty Lucy (nee:  Whiteley)
   1939 Frances Reinke (nee:  Cimino)
   1956 Carole Robbins (nee:  Englund)
   1939 Florence Roden (nee:  Halpin)
   1954 Paul Schutt
   1965 Karen Shaw (nee:  Kubar)
   1949 Elwood “Woody” Stark
   1953 Ken Tenuta
   1930 Robert Thompson
   1989 Jennifer Trueman

Thank you for your kind assistance!