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Marilyn Weschnefski - Class Of 1949

Marilyn V. Weschnefski, 84, a resident of Kenosha for more than 50 years, currently of Rural Sand Lake Township, Webster, WI died February 20, 2016, at sea.

She was born July 9, 1931, to George and Marjorie (nee Kuhnly) Myers.  A person of early artistic talent and a fiery independent nature and a daughter of pioneer families of the cut-over, she forged her own path through life regardless of what others might think. She was the subject of a Kenosha News article on March 2, 1987, covering her art and apiary experience.

From being an engineering student to wife and mother, in her first marriage, to her occupation choices she followed her own star. She worked as a Nursing Aide, Technical Illustrator, reporter and columnist for the weekly Burlington, WI newspaper, Crystal Finisher (tuning specialty frequency controlling crystals used in military applications); in her second marriage she worked as an interior decorator then owned her own mechanics tool business selling to garages and small shops.  She earned income as a driving instructor (including her son) and bus driver then operated a sizable Apiary with her second husband Leo Weschnefski for 20 years, all the while pursuing her avocation for painting and creating works on commission.

She returned to college to earn honors for a degree in Art from the University of Wisconsin then taught painting and basket making in her later years until she no longer had the physical dexterity to create the paintings, sculpture, prints or crafts that had earned her renown as a regional artist.  She still sketched for her own enjoyment and that of others almost to the very end.  It is impossible to list all those who lives were touched, but she felt a special artistic kinship with her niece Alison, a singer and teacher in Virginia.

She refused to be confined by urban convention in her hobbies and recreation being an avid outdoors woman who loved to hunt and fish as well as being a bird watcher and dedicated owner for her companion animals.  Learning to cross-country ski as a young girl she found winter snows to be no limiter of her activity.  She earned a private pilot's license and enjoyed flying to air shows and in support of her tool business with her husband Leo.  She was active in her church community and UMW group she was always willing to bake and lend a hand.  Always up for exploration and new experiences, she was in the Caribbean on her very first cruise when the ravages of her recently diagnosed lung cancer resulted in her passing peacefully in her sleep.

She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband Leo Weschnefski; and divorced first husband Paul Hinds, Sr.; sisters, Betty and Ruth.

She is survived by her son Paul; sister Judy; brothers, David and Charles; as well as nieces and nephews and many cousins.

There will be a memorial visitation at Siren United Methodist Church on Thursday, March 17, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. followed by a memorial service and luncheon at the church Friday, March 18, at 11 a.m.