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Edith Malone - Class Of 1939

Edith 'Edie' Carter Williams Malone, 89, of Rio Verde, AZ passed away on June 25, 2010 at her summer home in Bigfork, MT.  She was born January 1921 to Edward and Aimee Williams in Kenosha WI.  She spent her early years in Kenosha, graduating from Kenosha High School in 1939.  She went to the University of Iowa at Iowa City.  In her sophomore year she became a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority.  She graduated in June of 1943 with a degree in Home Economics.  After graduation, Edie moved to Chicago where she went to work for the Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company.  She lived at the Three Arts Club in downtown Chicago for a time, before moving into an apartment with her sister, Dorothy, on the near North Side.  

In late 1946, Edie met Robert E. 'Bob' Malone through her sister, Dorothy.  Bob and Dorothy worked at the same engineering firm in downtown Chicago.  Bob courted Edie from 1946 until April 30, 1949 when they married at St. James Catholic Church in Kenosha.  Both Bob and Edie were working in Chicago at the time of their marriage but they never set up housekeeping there. Bob was transferred to Omaha, NE, Garrison, ND, Philadelphia, PA, and back to Omaha, NE over the next four years.  Edith accompanied him on the three moves and thrived.  They also had their first two children, Maggie and Katy, during this busy period.  Edie's next 31 years were spent in Omaha where she and Bob had two more children, Eileen and Tom, and raised all four through high school and college.

Edie was a wonderful wife and mother and an example to her children. In addition to raising her family, Edith enjoyed her church choir, her Theta Sorority alumnae friends, her Kiewit bridge group and her neighbors on Crestridge Road.  After 31 years in Omaha, Bob and Edie retired to Rio Verde, AZ where they enjoyed the winter weather, their friends and neighbors, golf, travel and their summers in Montana.  They have been spending some of each summer, a little more each year, in Bigfork, MT where they enjoyed the summer weather, their friends and neighbors and their attempts to grow cherries profitably.

Edie was preceded in death by her parents, Edward H. Williams and Aimee Carter Williams; her sisters Dorothy W. Riddell and Grace W. Conger and her daughter Kathleen Mary 'Katy' Malone.

Edie is survived by her husband of 61 years Bob Malone; daughters:  Margaret 'Maggie’ M. Hopkins and her husband, Rick; Eileen M. Pflug and her husband, Don; son Thomas E. Malone; and grandchildren Kelly Pflug Gadden, Scott Pflug, Dallas Pflug, Alexandra Pflug Kyle and Daron Pflug.

Edie's cremated remains were interred in the Memorial Garden at Rio Verde alongside those of her daughter Katy.  A Memorial Service was held at St. Dominic's Mission, Rio Verde Community Church, Rio Verde, AZ on November 10, 2010.

Published in The Arizona Republic on October 29, 2010