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2013 Scholarships Awarded

At the Senior Banquet in May 2013, the Kenosha Bradford High School Alumni Association awarded the following scholarships:

KBHSAA Scholarship – honoring the 1935 Class
$1,000 awarded to Margaret Ann Donnell

Valiere Anderson Petersen (1930) Memorial Scholarship for an outstanding piano student
$1,000 awarded to Julia Lake

Phyliss Christensen Swadburg (1947) Memorial Scholarship by James Swadburg
$1,000 awarded to Danielle Macareno

1947 January/June Class Scholarships
$1,000 awarded to Stefanie Romanowski
$1,000 awarded to Alexandra Eschmann

1957 Class Memorial Scholarship
$1,057 awarded to Mary Rose Daghfal

John (1957) and Judy (1960) Schuetz Wavro Athletic Scholarship
$1,000 awarded to Kaitlin Kentala

John (1957) and Judy (1960) Schuetz Wavro Scholastic Scholarship
$1,000 awarded to Candace Bishop

Paul Paricka (1969) Memorial Scholarship by Irene (Potter) Paricka (1939)
$1,000 awarded to Graham Bullmore

Bill (1957) and Barbara Serpe Scholarships
$2,500 awarded to Ryan Hastings
$2,500 awarded to Amanda Samuel