2014 Scholarships Awarded

At the Senior Banquet in May 2014, the Kenosha Bradford High School Alumni Association awarded the following scholarships:

KBHSAA Scholarship - in memory of Alex Savaglio (1971), Past President of the Alumni Association
$1,000 awarded to Ian Wortley

Valiere Anderson Petersen (1930) Memorial Scholarship for a music student, preferably Piano
$1,000 awarded to Nicholas Trimark
John (1957) and Judy (1960) Schuetz Wavro Academic Scholarship
$1,000 awarded to Ina Yun
John (1957) and Judy (1960) Schuetz Wavro Athletic Scholarship
$1,000 awarded to Melissa Seiberlich
Bill (1957) and Barbara Serpe Scholarships
$1,000 awarded to Destiny Crespo
$1,000 awarded to Clayton Fellman
$1,000 awarded to Angela Malsack
$1,000 awarded to Kimberly Molinaro
$1,000 awarded to Jamie Reif

1947 January/June Class Scholarships
$1,000 awarded to Marissa Galli
$1,000 awarded to Hope Kentala
1959 Class Scholarship
$1,500 awarded to Logan Schmaling
Marko Lazarevic (2008 Class) Scholarship
$1,000 awarded to Jonathan Kollman