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Upcoming Class Reunions

The Alumni Association is happy to serve as your resource for finding the most current information for upcoming Kenosha/Bradford High School Class Reunions.  Please contact your respective Reunion Committee for reservations and information.  If your class reunion plans are not listed below, please contact us.  This page was updated on 09/16/2018.

~ ~ ~ 2018 Reunions ~ ~ ~

KBHSAA Distinguished Alumni Awards Banquet & Silent Auction
Saturday, June 16, 2018
Kenosha Country Club (500 13th Avenue)

1940 (78th)     Thursday, May 17, 2018 and
                         Thursday, October 11, 2018
                      Perkins Restaurant (11710 74th Place)
                         12:00 Noon - Dutch-treat luncheon
                         Board Liaison: Lee Arneson, 262-657-5797

1941 (77th)     Sunday, June 24, 2018
                         Baker Street (6208 Green Bay Road)
                         11:00AM Brunch
                         RSVP no later than June 14, 2018
                         Contact: Elmer Schmidt, 262-654-4525
                         Board Liaisons: Marge Hall, 262-924-5145 and
                         Lee Arneson, 262-657-5797

1943 (75th)     Thursday, June 21, 2018
Perkins Restaurant (11710 74th Place)
                         1:30PM Luncheon
                         Contact:  Olga Del Frate Randall, 262-654-1360 or
                         Eileen McGovern Frederking, 262-818-9695

1947 (71st)     Wednesday, September 12, 2018
                         Ruffolo's II (3931 45th Street)
                         11:30AM Meet
                         12:00 Noon - Dutch-treat luncheon
                         RSVP by September 7, 2018
                         Contact: Dolores Eichman Stratton, 262-551-9076 or
                         Mary Jane Haugaard Lippert, 262-942-4131
                         Board Liaison: Joyce Sorensen, 262-945-3806

1948 (70th)     Wednesday, September 12, 2018
                         LaFogata Mexican Grill - Sunroom (3300 Sheridan Road)
Dutch-treat luncheon with a Varied Menu
                               Contact: Elain Copen Ibsen, 262-344-0745 or
                         Bob Stockdale, 262-654-5618

1951 (67th)     Monday, August 15, 2018
Birchwood Grill (7515 125th Avenue)
                         Noon Dutch-treat Lunch
                         $5 per person for expenses
                         RSVP no later than July 31, 2018
                         Contact:  Larry Boyd, 262-694-5743
                         Send $5 check payable to Larry Boyd at

                      7716 33rd Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53142

1953 (65th)     Thursday, July 12, 2018
Casa Capri (2129 Birch Road)
                         1:00-4:00PM for pizza
                         Friday, July 13
Kenosha Country Club (500 13th Avenue)
                         3:00PM for meet-and-greet
                         4:30PM dinner served
                         Contact:  Judy (Nicolazzi) Ruffolo, 262-694-0491

1956 Class       80th Birthday Party is ON!
                         Saturday, September 15, 2018
                         6:00 p.m. Casa Capri (2129 Birch Road)
                         Casual Attire
                         Cash Bar
                         $12 per person
                         Menu:  Pizza, Salad, Wings, Meatballs & Birthday Cake
                         Make checks payable to:
                         Bradford Class of 56
                         and send to:
                         Marge Hall
                         1317 35th Avenue
                         Kenosha, WI 53144

                         Our class website:  http://www.classcreator.com/Kenosha-WI-Bradford-1956/
                         Any questions, please contact:
Marge Hall, 262-924-5145, or
                         Dennis Filippelli, 262-657-3061 

1958 (60th)     Friday, September 14, 2018
Casa Capri (2129 Birch Road)
                         Ice Breaker 5:00PM $12/person
                         Saturday, September 15
Parkway Chateau (12305 75th Street)
                         Reunion $35/person
                         Cash Bar 4:30PM - 5:30PM
                         Dinner to follow

Contact:  Juanita Jornt Becker
                         RSVP by September 1, 2018
                         Make check payable and mail to:
                         Bradford Class of '58
                         11902 214th Avenue
                         Bristol, WI 53104-9684
                         Golf Outing inquiries:
Pat Callahan
                         262-654-0666 or

1961 Class      "75" Birthday Bash!
                         Saturday, September 22, 2018
                         Madrigrano Marina Shores (302 58th Street)
                         Garden Room, east entrance (venue is handicap accessible)
                         5:00PM, casual attire; cost is $30/person.
                         Optional golf outing (time & cost pending - sorry, not free)

                         Bristol Oaks Country Club (16801 75th Street).
                         Sign up for both events through the
                         Class of 1961 website.

                         Contact:  Sandi Paulick (spaulick43@gmail.com)

1963 (55th)     Saturday, July 14, 2018
                         Southport Beach House (7825 First Avenue)
                         1:00PM - 8:00PM ~ Totally casual -- wear casual clothes.
                         Bring your own wine or beer (no hard alcohol is permitted).

                         We will provide water and soda, along with food, plates,
                         plasticware, plastic glasses.  Coffee may be provided with dessert.
                         Cost will be $20.00 per person, which covers rental of the hall, food &
                         supplies, soda, water and music.  There will be no official "program"...
                         just good friends, laughter, lots of reminiscing and good music.  Bring
                         your beverages, lawn chairs and be prepared to have a great time!
                         Please send your check made out to "Bradford Class of 1963"  to
                         Donna Antonetti, P. O. Box 11, Somers, WI 53171.

Website:  www.bradfordclassof1963.com 

1966 Class       70th Birthday Celebration for Bradford & Tremper Class of 1966 & friends.
                         Sunday, August 12, 2018
                         Bull & Bear Eatery & Tavern (4017 80th Street)
                         1:00 - 4:00PM
                         No RSVP necessary
                         Free of charge - buy your own food & drink
                         Spread the word & come join in the fun! Questions?

                         Contact:  Iris Leuck, 262-551-7166 or email Irisleuck@yahoo.com

                         or charmaynelh@aol.com

1968 (50th)     Saturday, September 29, 2018
Kenosha Country Club
                         5:00 p.m. - 11: 00 p.m.
                         Class members should call 760-565-9572 if they have not already

                         been contacted by a member of the Reunion Committee.
Reunion Comittee contacts:
                         Tom Middlecamp - 68campster@gmail.com
                         Bruce Bosman – HEYBOS08@gmail.com
                         Margie Hannes – mhannes65@gmail.com

1973 (45th)     Friday, September 7, 2018
                         Friday night football:  Bradford Red Devils take on Oak Creek Knghts!
                         6:00PM Gates open, 7:00PM Kick Off

                         Purchase ticket(s) on arrival - dinner at the Concession Stand, if you wish.
                         Saturday, September 8
                         Casa Capri (2129 Birch Road)

                         Car pool if at all possible, due to limited parking.
                         5:00-6:30PM Cash Bar / Snacks / Silent Auction
                         6:30PM onward Pizza, Salad & Homemade Desserts available
                         The 2018 edition of the Class of '73 Memory Book is included in your registration fee.
                         Cost:  $15/person before July 31 registration deadline (based upon postmark);
                         $20/person if registering after the deadline or for those who choose to pay at the door.

                         Contact:  Randy Vaccaro, 262-551-0510 (or email rjvjev@aol.com)

1978 (40th)     Friday, August 10, 2018
6:00PM; Boys & Toys Band starts at 8:30PM
                         The Clubhouse Pub & Grille (2621 30th Avenue)
                         Delicious Infusino's Pizza will be served, along with our homemade desserts
                         Cash bar.  Only $10/person at the door! (Cash only, please.)
                         Be sure you get a wristband and a nametag.  Both are a must!
                         Saturday, August 11
                         Holy Rosary Church Festival
                         The New Vinyls band starts at 7:00PM.  Let's all meet upon the west side of
                         the main stage beginning at 5:00PM.  Bring a chair.  There will be a number
                          of tents where food, beer and beverages are available for purchase.
                          Please login to our official class site,
www.bradford78.com and complete
                          the Reservation Form on the 40-Year Reunion page as a way to officially RSVP. 
                          Much appreciated! 
                          Also, please come join us on our sister site on Facebook: 
Bradford High Class of '78
                          Reunion Chair:  Sandie Jung Hansen, 262-237-4065 (sandiejh-bhsclassof78@yahoo.com)
                          Reunion Committee members:  Lori Haapala Miskovic, 262-945-1560, and
                          Frank Rinaldi, 262-358-2699

                          Let the fun begin! Our 35th Class Reunion has been set for Homecoming weekend:
                          Friday, September 28th &
                          Saturday, September 29th

                          Final plans will be announced shortly which include:
                          Float building prior to homecoming for locals willing to participate.
                          Friday night:
                          Participating in the parade, then a cookout prior to the homecoming game,
                          followed by drinks at Stan’s bar after the game.

                          Saturday night:
                          Pizza party and drinks (location in progress)

                          Plans aren’t finalized yet, so if anyone has any fun ideas for the weekend,
                          please text or contact Kathy Hotchkiss Sinclair, Tony Geliche, or Kathy Amundson.
                          Any additional volunteers would be appreciated, especially anyone who
                          would like to be in charge of float building.

                          Please help spread the word. There are 157 classmates on our
                          Bradford Class of '83 Facebook site, which means we are missing
                          around 500 more people!

1988 (30th)      Saturday, September 15, 2018
                         Clubhouse Pub & Grille (2621 30th Avenue)
                          7:00PM to midnight
                          No admission fee. DJ will be spinning all of our favorite songs from the 70's and 80's.
                          We will have free pizza, but you are responsible for your own drinks. Special guest
                          appearance from our past will arrive around 9pm... you don't want to miss it!
                          Photo booth picture frame to capture new memories! Hope to see everyone there,
                          and please spread the word!
                          Check out our
BHS Class of 1988 Facebook page.

1998 (20th)      Saturday, August 11, 2018
                         Italian American Club (2217 52nd Street)
                         5:00PM cocktails, 6:00PM Dinner – Midnight

                         ‘98 alumni can join our Facebook group page for further details at
                         Or they can email bradfordclass98@yahoo.com to keep updated.
                         Class website is

2008 (10th)     Reunion details TBD
                         Contact: Lauren Sturycz -
                         Sorry to report we never received any additional info on plans for
                         a Class of 2008 reunion. 
KBHSAA had attempted to contact the
                         classmate who initially said a reunion was being organized, but
                         emails went unanswered, and we had no phone number on file.
                         A search on Facebook on 09/11/2018 turned up the following Fb group:
A reunion date had been selected, but not enough classmates had
                         signed up (they needed 50 people), and the event was apparently
                         cancelled.  We'd like to suggest 2008 classmates join the Fb group

                         in order to stay connected.

~ ~ ~ 2019 Reunions ~ ~ ~

1941 (78th)     Sunday, June 23, 2019
                         Baker Street (6208 Green Bay Road)
                         11:00AM Brunch
                         RSVP no later than June 14, 2019
                         Contact: Elmer Schmidt, 262-654-4525
                         Board Liaisons: Marge Hall, 262-924-5145 and
                         Lee Arneson, 262-657-5797

1946 (73rd)     Saturday, August 3, 2019
                         The Joseph Andrea Class of 1946 Mary D. Bradford High School
                         Breakfast Club meeting at Carthage College

2009 (10th)     Reunion details TBD
                         The Bradford Class of 2009 is starting to plan its ten year reunion!
                         Any interested alumni of the Class of 2009 may contact me via email
                         or DM me via Facebook) to join the planning committee.
                         All are welcome to join!  
KBHSAA noticed Class of 2009 has a Fb page:
                        Contact: Oliver Debe - owdebe@gmail.com